by Brandon Can't Dance

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released September 1, 2016

All songs written and produced by Brandon Ayres (Lucky Number Music Ltd.) and mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering.



all rights reserved


Lucky Number UK

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Track Name: 17
Young, free, 17, drive around, dark blue out
Young, free, spacing out, I’m in doubt freaking out
It’s not me, just my brain, actively causing pain
Track Name: Bathroom Cigarettes (Ft. Chloe Sierka)
Call you up so I don’t feel alone
Thinkin’ ‘bout how high school took its toll
No education, I wanna party, super hung over, I feel retarded
Brains gone numb I think I’ll stay at home
Thinkin’ ‘bout the days of drunk and stoned
Thank God for recess, bathroom cigarettes
So what if I get caught, I got all of these friends
Track Name: You're All Normal
Convinced you got problems and your mind is unstable but you got none
Purposely strange, artsy and complain, you’re pathetic
Bullshit fills this house, a sad, down crowd
Go home then
Daughters lower intestine is food for the restless and dying
Track Name: Numb and Cold, No Shame No Guilt
Even though I’m fuckin’ numb and cold, I’ll talk about myself, sing about myself
No shame, no guilt, where the hells my dog?
Track Name: Secret Path
Your status is a joke, life is in your mind projected through your eyes
You’re totally alone
Took a secret path, down around the back, a trail of all my fears, teenage girls in tears
Immobile from the smoke, at least its something new
We’ve limited our lives
Bosses and the rules
Track Name: Forgot How to Cry
Brisk dark blue fall dusk, alone, a fire and me
Sad alone I’ll be
Friends lives move on without you
Use to drink in the dark cemetery, was apart of the wasted and free
Thought I could be(do) something great, Don’t care at all about today
Hear my cries and I’m alone inside, put a smile on for my friends and I forgot how to cry
Tried it once before, I try I can’t again, heavens white trees and white gowns
I pleaded with God and pleaded with hell, light my funeral candles and don’t mess around